Owner-managed digital agency and full-service IT provider

relationship marketing solutions: We are an owner-managed digital agency with a well-coordinated core team of specialists from various disciplines. As a full-service IT provider, we specialize in technically sophisticated portals. We work with open source technologies like PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as with powerful content management systems like TYPO3, WordPress, Liferay and FirstSpirit.

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Data analysis and visualization

Today, reliable business decisions are to be made dynamically and quickly. Companies pursue the goal of data-driven and thus evidence-based action. Reports visualize distributed information, but must be aggregated with the appropriate tools.

However, trends and developments cannot be visualized with static reporting tools such as Excel. Without business intelligence, data analytics and adequate tools, added value from data can only be inadequately extracted. We create detailed reports and application-specific dashboards based on your distributed data sources using leading tools such as Google Data Studio.

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Mobile applications

Hybrid apps can be developed for multiple platforms such as iOS, Android or desktop operating systems at the same time. This can save development effort and even with smaller budgets, the entire spectrum of platforms can be covered, since the code base is largely identical here. Frameworks such as Ionic, Xamarin or Flutter form the basis for hybrid apps. If required, the app can be extended with device-specific functions or converted into a Progressive Web App (PWA).

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Google CoLab

Proof of concept for various technologies on request.

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Our service portfolio


TYPO3 development, extension development, hosting, design


Blog development and hosting


Configurators, CRM, quotation databases, ...


Dedicated Server, Virtual Server, Cluster, Docker


Website design


Penetration tests, web server tests, network test, XSS test, SQL injection tests

Project control

International rollouts and operation of websites


Versatile full-text search of a wide variety of content


Secure and privacy compliant cloud hosting

Website monitoring

Availability monitoring

React, Vue or Angular

Dynamic web applications

Tracking (Matomo)

Privacy compliant tracking with Matomo on own servers


More about our successful projects

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Update Debian 11 to Debian 12 (bookworm)

In June 2023 Debian 12 was released. We have tested the new distribution and already in productive use. Here is a short description of how the update from version 11 to 12 works.


Security: Fix Weak Key Exchange Algorithm in SSH

A security scan of a server reports the following result: The remote SSH server is configured to allow / support weak key exchange (KEX) algorithm(s). How can the SSH connection be secured?


Automatic, AI-based translation processes with deepL in TYPO3

Translating TYPO3 pages is often annoying and always time-consuming. Here we show how content can be translated into almost any target language with a single click using deepL.


Integration of AI in TYPO3

Applications based on language models like GPT-3 or BERT are becoming more and more popular and the number of tools like ChatGPT is increasing almost daily. This article is specifically about the integration of GPT-3 in TYPO3.


Secure VPN with Wireguard and wg-easy

WireGuard is a modern VPN protocol that is characterized by simple implementation, high security and high speed. Possible uses include secure connections from the home office to the office, as an access point to server systems or for connecting local networks from remote locations. In the following, we will briefly describe how to set up your own Wireguard VPN server with Docker.


TYPO3 PageTitleProvider for own extensions

Creating custom PageTitleProviders for TYPO3. Use cases are extensions that use a single page for displaying different content like single views of news or blog posts.


Translate XMLs with DeepL

Automate complex and laborious manual translation processes using AI from DeepL via a php API.


Thumbnails and pagination in TYPO3 11

Missing thumbnails in the backend and no longer working pagination for news or solr in the frontend. This small tutorial shows how to display the thumbnails again.


Shrink VirtualBox VDI Image

Virtual Box VDI images can get much relatively large over time. This is a brief guide to shrinking these images.


TYPO3 Multi-Factor Authentication

TYPO3 V11 includes 2-factor authentication in the core. This makes it easy to implement more secure authentication mechanisms for all backend logins.


Content Security Policy (CSP)

Content security policy is a security feature that web designers and server administrators can use to prevent attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS).


Automatic connection of SSH through a proxy

How do you automatically configure the use of a proxy for certain SSH connections, e.g. to use a static IP within a company network from the home office?


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